Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

First off- funny video of Grace on the way home.
And then this is up at our cabin. Can I just say I'm sick of snow?  

Then a random baby picture. (Don't even worry, she's like two hours old in that)
Then I found this on my dad's phone.

And then a link to Erik's new song... yeah be jealous that you don't have a rapper for a brother.

Watch it. And then go creep on Erik's blog too. You'll like it.
And then goodbye!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Day in Third Person

Christopher got back from a campout this morning. He wants to tell you about it. He left yesterday at 5:00 and he drove up to Dry Canyon near Timpanogos. He backpacked in and then the troop set up camp. Christopher was mad because he didn't particularly like any of the people that had gone. It started to rain. Christopher ate his dinner, but mostly mooched off everybody else's. That was fun. It rained more. Christopher put on his poncho and felt like a dork because it looked kind of silly. But it kept him dry. Then they had a fire (despite the rain) and everybody sat around and talked. Christopher learned a lot about everybody in his quorum and realized that it was actually a good experience. (He also learned that Bro. Nielson, [AKA BRON] is nerdy but funny, so that was good.) He went to sleep after eating all of Garret's snacks, and fell asleep with the rain falling, in a very wet and very cold sleeping bag. But it was okay. (Not really though) He woke up and he was even more wet and cold. He packed up and hiked out. He started to ponder why people camp. Seriously though. You go in and sleep uncomfortably. And then you eat gross food. And then you smell like smoke. And then you go home and everybody TELLS you you smell like smoke. But he thought it was fun anyways. They got back to their neighborhood around 7:45 and BROC's wife had made breakfast. And this was really breakfast. Piles and piles and piles of french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, buttermilk syrup, Sunny-D, hash-browns, and more but Christopher forgot. Christopher stuffed his body and walked home. He went back to bed. Then he woke up again and ate ice cream. (He wasn't feeling to healthy today. But it was okay.) He did chores. Then he decided that he didn't really want to grow up and be a fat person so he went on an eight mile run and ran off his food. Then he went and ate more food, but this time it was healthy. Then he discovered that his WATER HEATER was BROKEN! So showers, one ecstatic, are now sadistic. Christopher gets icicles on my body when I step out of my shower. (I decided that Hell will be full of cold showers and smelly purple flowers.- More on that later.) Then Christopher broke off all of his icicles and got warm. Then he decided to blog.

This was the view that we saw. It was pretty cool. (It looked better in real life though.)

The END.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Post or not To Post (This is a cheesy post title)

Yeah I'm embarrassed of the title. But I don't really care either. Sooooooo....I just got back from the orchestra concert that I had to play at, but some random nice people took me to Coldstone and I got ice cream. So now my tummy is all full. (By the way, I think that all white people should be black. We would be eighty percent cooler.) I got the cheesecake one with strawberries and blueberries, and pretty much it was really good. Plus, pretty much I say pretty much way too much. But who cares? Pretty much nobody. (I did it again.) So today I went random and just got on google translator and had the crazy lady say stuff for me. It was so fun. So first I just had to do it for Spanish because I was so confused, but then I figured out that if I did it from Japanese to English, the sentence structure stays the same, and so I just went ballistic with it! It was so so so fun with me and Olivia just insulting each other. I must say, its better than Microsoft Sam even because the voice is just plain better. Than I worked on my OYC application which is actually really hard. I better get in. Otherwise I will just have to go outside and
  • Cut Down a Tree
  • Eat a Butterfly
  • Glue my fingers together with superglue
  • Or drink so much water that I explode.
All of the above sound fun. Its a good thing that summer is here because I can almost do all those things. Which reminds me of the time when Erik and I had a water drinking contest but then we threw up. It tasted not so good.

Random Pictures:

Delicious Strawberries

A frog with a long story

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sophia Patricia Beautiful Webb!

So right now my baby sister Sophia are having a little date. My mom is gone and I get to watch her. She has been a little bit fussy today so here she is sitting next to me and I set up a little play center for her. She's in her little white chair and so I hung a yellow ball from the lamp and it swings in front of her and she just loves it! And we are of couse, listening to classical music (all the greats: Paderwiski, Gershwin, Beethoven, Haydn, Chopin) because I just want her to be a little GENIUS when she gets older. 

 Sophia is the most beautiful little sister anyone could ask for. She is getting close to being four months old and she finally figured out how to cry. Its so cute. She spits up ALL the time but its cute anyways. Her eyes change color pretty much every day and her earlobes are OH so soft. She has already grown so much from when she was born- its crazy! She has the cutest little outfits and OH my word. She is just adorable. She has long fingers like me when I was born, so hopefully there is piano protege in our midst. She loves to suck her thumb, and that is how she falls asleep most of the time. 

Okay. Who would have ever though that changing a diaper could be fun? Hmmm definitely not me. But she is just too cute for me NOT too. Yeah so pretty much I change like at least three diapers a day. Its a party.

Okay my pictures won't work. But we'll try later.

 Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Randomness and Other Things.

First off can I say that I hate Doritos? Eww. Throw up. In my mouth. Really though, I think I just did. They make we want to annihilate all of the factories where they are made. Guess what? I had five fish a week ago, guess how many there are right now...? Yeah. One. Coincidence? Or am I just terrible at taking care of animals. Okay guess what else? I like watching the Office. And I kind of feel bad about it. But then I don't because it is seriously the funniest thing that I have ever seen. (But this is coming from a TV-deprived individual) I love Obama. I love Obama just because I'm sick of everybody hating on him. Its sad. Today I had this weird moment where I was trying really hard to play the piano and my brain just went out of focus and I couldn't do anything. It was weird. I couldn't see or think and I just had like a moment. An elderly moment. Except I'm only fourteen. I don't want to do homework right now. There's too much. It's so frustrating.  Urgh. Some kid just died in Africa. That really stinks. Some person just got killed in a car accident and somebody just found out that they have cancer and somebody just found out that they will never have kids. The world kind of sucks. Has anybody else noticed that? Yeah, so have I. But I live in my own Little sheltered bubble right here in Happy Valley. Its pretty weird that all that stuff can happen and I don't even really think about it. I just want Jesus to come. And then everything will be happy.

Things I hate:
  • Fat People (Sorry that's really rude. I just hate fat americans mostly who just watch TV all day!)
  • Socks with Sandals. I just threw up again.
  • When People die their hair black.
  • Vibrato (In General)
  • Warm Water
  • Pepper
  • Headaches
  • Stupid ignorant people
  • Super Triplets
  • Gross ice Cream

The End.

I just pressed the enter button a lot.

I did it again.

Haha this is super DUPER fun.

I'm tired....

The End.

PS Sorry if this post offends anybody.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

[Insert Exclamatory Phrase Here]

So oh boy, today I decided to weigh myself on our scale. Wait, wait, wait. Before I go into this, let me disclose my background on this subject to you. I didn't break sixty pounds until half way through sixth grade. I didn't break eighty pounds until the eighth grade. So when I weighed myself this morning, and found out that I weighed, what ONE HUNDRED AND TWO POUNDS, I was shocked to say the least. I am very proud of my new and improved weight gain. When I went for my annual health care check up a couple of months ago, I found out that I was in the point zero two (.02) percentile for weight. That means that ninety-nine point nine-eight (99.98) percent of boys my age living in the United States weigh more than me. Depressing. I know. Don't make fun of me. So this is a really big thing for me. I will keep you informed of any more rapid increases in my body volume.

Anyways, sorry to weird you all out with that weirdness. I am just excited.  Seriously though. So's old picture time. I found these pictures on my here this goes.

My sister really isn't that ugly, sorry Olivia!

No explanation needed.
Yes, unfortunately Captain Underpants is my brother.
AAAHHH! Where is little Christopher's face?
                        PS This is THE funniest video ever! (Special thanks to Natalie once upon a Friday night.)
The End.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bellybuttons, Cannibalsim and Cheerios: May 6, 2011

So today was just a really fun day at school! So I'll just start at the beginning. I went to bed really late last night, and I woke up at 6:35. My carpool comes to pick me up at 6:50 so I had to speed through things. I only got to eat one bowl of honey nut cheerios and I was still hungry, but thankfully I got out to the car with shoes in my hands and a toothbrush in my pocket. Band hurt. My lips are still numb from playing so high. I am first chair so I have to play really high and it makes my lips all puffy and yuck. Eww. Sometimes I hate band. Then I went to Spanish and we had a Cinco De Mayo party. Heavenly Father must care about me because there, before my . eyes, was my breakfast! Everybody brought stuff to eat, and I had snicker-doodles (delicious, thank-you Jes), licorice, and lemonade. I know it sounds gross but it was ecstasy of the palate. Divine. Then we watched this really funny black and white movie from like three billion years ago and we just made fun of it the whole game.

Then it was Channel One time, but of course, nobody actually watches Channel Uno. We always play "the game." So everybody takes a small piece of paper and starts by writing a question that starts with "who." Then you put them in the middle and everybody takes a different one and answers it. Then everybody puts it back in the  middle and takes a different one. Then one person starts with their question, and the next person reads their answer. And so on and so forth. And you do the questions for who, what if, when, where, and why. It sounds dumb but its actually a ton of fun. So somehow we got to belly-buttons, and that just got me thinking about them. Its weird, I know.

So then it was English time and we took our greek and latin quiz. I rocked that quiz! One hundred percent. Thank you. I was very proud of myself. Then it was time for our group project and Emily and Jessica and I just worked on it, kind of, and then Emily left, and then we just did nothing, but it was fun to talk to Jessica.

Then Seminary. Aaah Seminary. I hate it when I play the piano and nobody sings. Its so awkward. Then we watched a Joseph Smith movie and it was just so amazing. Seriously. Our whole class was just crying and the Spirit was so strong and it just fortified my soul! (Sorry for that cheesy piece of material) But I really was just uplifted and it sounds dumb but that movie was for me! It just helped me with so many seems and so yeah. I'm just happy.
                                                                   So there's that!

Then I had lunch and Zach and I just walked around and threw cheerios at people. It was quite fun until Cameron almost killed us. Oh well. I thought it was fun.

Then it was band time. What a drag. My lips already hurt enough. Now the pain is permanently ingrained. Blah. Goodbye.

The End.

PS Sorry about the pictures. It was still fun though.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello Blogger People!

Well, I finally configured my blog tonight and I am kind of excited. I'm already wondering what I'm going to post about though. Oh well I guess I'll just post about my fun mormon life. Sorry if my blog title is boring and my background is ugly, I'm workin on it! i just decided that I did NOT want to do any more homework. I decided that I detest school during the month of May. School gets dull. School gets boring. Especially when your Mexican Goldfish dies! That was a sad day. Anyways so when I got home, I practiced piano for like two hours, I've been working on a song from Estampes by Debussy. Its called Jardins Soux La Pluie. Actually I have no idea how to spell it but it means Gardens in the Rain. So then I just went outside with my two little sisters and we swung on our swings. So funny story of how we got the swing. So during Spring Break, Erik and I made a zipline and we had been working on it for a pretty long time. So then it came time to test it. And since I weigh sub-one hundred pounds, I was volunteered. Unfortunately, Erik did NOT pay attention in Boy Scouts and he tied a crappy knot that broke as soon as I went five feet. I landed on my rear end from twenty feet in the air and I walked around on crutches for the rest of the day. I seriously thought it was broken. But it wasn't. It was fun though. Erik had been filming me the whole time, because SOMEHOW he just happened to know already that I was going to fall. Too bad he missed the actual thing. Maybe I will post the rest some time. Its pretty ridiculous.

So Erik decided to repay me by making me a swing out on our tree, but I helped him, so he still owes me. Its  a pretty sweet swing though. So while we were swinging, my sister Natalie pretty much died because a bee almost stung her and she is PETRIFIED beyond petrified of ALL ANIMALS. (Especially dogs- she's getting therapy for it.) Then I made dinner. Eh. It was normalish. Nothing special. Then I took my sisters plus my baby sister on a walk to my church to go get our stroller so we could see my mom and my other sister and because they had been begging me all day. By the way, sorry if my writing sucks. I'm just trying to put my thoughts down in words and my brain is a little bit dysfunctional. Then I got home and Erik got asked to MORP, so that was fun. It was pretty much impossible to figure out though. It took us FOREVER! And then I had a singing party in the backyard, by myself of course, belting out Miss Saigon, I dreamed a dream, and other fun and weird Broadway Songs.

I've decided that writing about school is just boring unless something interesting happens, so I will try to refrain.

So I hope that you're not bored out of your minds, but if you are, then you probably aren't even reading this right now.

That's it for today.