Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Afternoon.

The last day of summer required that I do something stupid. So I made a video. About how I conquered anorexia. Its pretty dumb. But have fun with it.

Oh and I also made brownies that looked like this. Why did a random rectangle form in the middle? I'll never know. . .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Collection of Thoughts

Hey so I'm sitting on my bed right now waiting for my brother to get home from work and I'm just going to write. Just write. So school is starting and I don't know what to think. Its always good to get back into the schedule and flow of school...but sometimes I really hate it. So I want the security, but not the stress. I'm going to high school. HIGH SCHOOL. This like determines college. College determines job. Job can determine your life. How you live. Where you live. So its kind of a big thing. I'm taking two (kind of three) honors classes and two AP classes. I will be at cross-country every day after school until 5:00 or 5:30. Then I have to come home and practice piano for anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours. Oh wait. I have to eat dinner. And then I have to do homework. HOMEWORK. Oh drab. I forgot about homework. Which I also have mixed feelings about. Its kind of fun to sit down and work on a project or write a paper, but at the same time, aren't there better things to be doing? I know. There are. Its weird- sometimes I get so caught up in school stuff that I forget about the more important things.

Today I went to Coldstone because I had a free coupon and dang was it good. Lately I've been eating like I will never see food again. I don't know why. I'm just hungry all the time. I have a race on Thursday. Pre-region. Man, races freak me out. I can run just fine and stuff but I feel so much pressure. I want to do good. I have to do well. Its weird. Oh happy story. Today I was at the mall and I was at Gap and I found jeans for sixty dollars. THey were on clearance and then when I got to the cash register they were even less. They were only twelve. Which is pretty cool. That means that they were eighty percent off. Boom. Roasted. World. Have your eyes ever felt like they were sun burnt? Oh which brings me to this. I was just talking about this. DO your eyes grow? Or are they the same size all your life? Hmm...

Hmm...looking at my bookshelf. Here are some favorites.

Oh the good childhood memories. Read this series at least six times.
Can't wait for the forth one in November!
The end. Bye for now!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Harry Potter: Obsessed anybody else as obsessed with Harry Potter as moi? For the past week, I have been trying to get on to Pottermore without any luck. This involves waking up and staring at a boring computer for long hours during the middle of the night. In other fun. But it'll all be worth it. Tonight's the last night and I'm just CERTAIN that I'll get on. I have to. Pray for me. :) Haha. Maybe not.


So this week I also got to go to Las Vegas and St. George because my dad had  a BlackHat conference and his company let us come. (Or rather what they don't know can't hurt them...) So I stayed a block away from the strip and swam for three days straight. Almost. We were the only people in this pool. Lovely. Amazing. It was great. I drank hot chocolate and put over forty french vanilla and hazelnut coffee creamers in it. I think I'm still on that sugar high.

HOLY CRAP! Just got in to pottermore. Well got to go. Talk to yall later. Bye