Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowboarding or Bust!

My Christmas presents this year were a grand piano and a Sundance pass. You really can't get much better than that. My piano (aka my baby) has proved to be wonderful. I kiss her every night. With my fingers that is. Today was the day that I paid for my pass in the number of times I have gone. That's sweet. I went night skiing today and it was amazing. Until my binding came off. Then I had to go down to the shop to get it fixed. But then it was good again! Yay for me. And yay that there was nobody there so I just raced down that beautifully snowy mountain. Yay that track is starting after Christmas. Yay for CHRISTMAS! Yay for Clementines. Yay for the Hunger Games. Yay for everything. Yay for freaking spiritual experiences tonight involving near-death accidents. Don't fret. Heavenly Father cares. That's what I know and that's all that matters.

The one BOO in my life is that we are having are Book of Mormon party in our ward on Tuesday. Guess who didn't finish their reading? Me. Shame shame shame. I need to read more. But then yay for family traditions involving Gifts to Jesus and family goal setting.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tonight I am just raging. Raging like a mad man. And recently I was asked to post on my blog for the entertainment of some souls. Hopefully my crappy blog entertains you. Anyways,  today I finished The Hunger Games or the seventeenth time. No joke. (Actually I don't know how many times but its somewhere near there.) I'm borderline obsessed. Sorry. MARCH 23, 2012. I will be there. Probably on February 23 to camp out. Me and my mom. No Erik. Because he hasn't read the books. What a poo. I finally coaxed him into it this weekend. We made a pact. Not the kind like in the Katy Perry song, but the blood kind. So now he has been bound. And then he can go on our little party with us. But honestly, I just need to vent to somebody about my love of this book(s). You have no idea. So Erik has told me to write him a (deep) list on the symbolism, metaphors, big ideas, and reasons why he should read the Hunger Games.

  1. First off, look at these magnificent pictures my dear brother. Shut down. Now. Cause you can't look at that and not feel the ragin comin on. Honestly.
  2. Second off. Take a look at this man's beard. His name is Seneca Crane. I only wish I was cool enough to paint a beard on my face with mascara as well. Rough.

3.  The underlying message of the Hunger Games is much subtler than a mere one time reader can notice. Sorry Erik. This calls for multiple readings. My life has changed since I read this book. And it changes every time I do again. Just like when I read Night, or To Kill a Mockingbird, or The Book of Mormon either (wait...that was not sacreligious. The Book of Mormon is obviously more important...I'm just raging. That's all).
4. Jennifer Lawrence. Nuf said.
5. I have added more than 1000 views to the Official Trailer on Youtube. I also enjoy chastising any profusely stupid commentators who has the nerve to hate on my book. They are all haters. Go hate somewhere else haters.
6. If you think its like Twilight, then, once again, go hate somewhere else. In fact, why don't you just go hate on yourselves.
7. Suzanne Collins is my idol.
8. Repeat of number seven but more intense. I am passionate. Very passionate.
9. Its just that good.
10. If you don't read it I will kill you.

Sorry for the sparsity of the last few. Really the only way to get Erik to read it is to use the Lucy from the Peanuts Game Method. The five reasons are the fingers on her hand. My hand + Erik's face= Erik loves the Hunger Games!

Hurray for me. Sorry I will never be able to explain my whole love in its entirety. Just go read it. Then I will be happy.

Disclaimer: This poster does not reflect my beliefs in any way. I just typed in "I'm raging" into google and this is what I got. Good enough.

The end.